Friday, April 14, 2017

Stop Making These Online Poker Mistakes Immediately

The reason your online poker bankroll never has a chance to really develop is because you are making mistakes that are making it easier for other players to spot your weakness and scoop your chips. If you can even work on one of these mistakes at a time, the balance in your poker account will start to take a positive turn in short order.

Here are just a few of the common mistakes most online poker players are making today.

The online chat feature at each poker table is where you are giving away more tells than you realize. When you talk about a bad beat, a terrible starting hand, or why you folded to that pot bully, the rest of the table uses that information to simply give you more of the same. It is fine to read other players as they type, just stop posting any messages. It looks more professional when you are silent anyway.

When you are seated at a high dollar table with a very small amount of money, that tells the better players you are either testing the waters or you really are on tilt and want to double up quick. They will push you around until those chips are basically gone.

If you are flashing your hole cards, you are telling the table you have no control. Most players think they have to show the bluff or show a monster hand they folded to a raise. Stop making it easy for others to figure out your hands. Keep as much information when playing online poker to yourself to keep them guessing instead.

Now that you have a better understanding why other players have an easy time beating you, try working on one mistake at a time until you eliminate it from your game. Learn more about เว็บพนันออนไลน์ come check out our site.


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